Based out of Colorado, Adam Bodine is a talented professional pianist and keyboardist. This soulful improviser, tasteful accompanist, evocative composer, diligent bandleader, prolific producer and charismatic performer joyfully excels in a variety of roles and situations. Although he is comfortable with generally being labeled a jazz musician, and certainly energetically revels in the aesthetic qualities and artistic freedoms intrinsic to many types of jazz music, Adam flourishes beyond the confines of categorization. An astute listener with refreshingly open sensibilities and outstanding chops, this creative keyboard wizard possesses remarkably versatile musical capabilities that can be masterfully stretched and expressed across a vast spectrum of styles and genres.

Tearing it up on stage or laying it down in the studio, Adam is a very active and in demand keyboardist who works exceptionally well with others. In just a handful of years, Bodine’s booming career has embraced the pleasure of playing thousands of performances with several hundred bands and musicians. He’s performed at a vast array of the nation’s top venues and festivals alongside some of the best in the biz. A super busy dude especially throughout Colorado’s diverse and happenin’ music scene, Adam averages over two hundred gigs a year with a fluctuation of over thirty different groups. He is also frequently recruited to travel and perform around the country. A very experienced, efficient and sought after studio session musician as well, Bodine is regularly hired to collaborate on all sorts of artists’ albums and recordings. He also accompanies choirs and various kinds of theatrical productions including plays, musicals and even silent films.

One of Bodine’s most beloved and ever evolving music outlets is his trio. A standard jazz piano trio format complemented by bass and drums, the Adam Bodine Trio is an entertaining and dynamic band which, in addition to compelling interpretations of various pop and rock tunes, often showcases its exuberant bandleader’s original instrumental compositions. Adam’s song catalog is extensive, eclectic and it embodies an optimum framework for his spirited, funky, imaginative, and often humorous musical personality to shine.

Scheduled for production in 2017 is a new and exciting original album featuring some of Bodine’s most inspired and intricate work to date. Years in the making, the collection of compositions coming to life in this project radiate a cinematic and introspective vibe that blends jazz and classical elements with a variety of instrumentation.

As a music educator, Adam enjoys connecting and working with students and music lovers of all ages and skill levels. He helps out at various public and private schools throughout the Colorado area, as well as participates in an assortment of workshops and camps. For the past few years, Bodine has been a well loved instructor at Denver’s reputable Swallow Hill Music, where he teaches kids at the organization’s popular House of Rock program. Adam also provides private music lessons. Not limited to only piano players, Bodine is open to working with just about anybody who’s interested in playing just about anything. His approach and philosophy towards teaching is inspired in part by his teacher, mentor and friend, and world renowned pianist, composer and educator, Art Lande. Guided and motivated first and foremost by the interests and curiosities of each individual student, every lesson is a uniquely specialized and cooperative process of exploration and discovery.