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The first electric album released by The Adam Bodine Trio features Adam jamming out on a variety of vintage keyboard instruments including Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, Hohner clavinet and Hammond organ. Performed and produced with an old school vibe and inspired sense of spontaneity, this dynamic, genre-fusing assortment of all original Bodine compositions was recorded live at Evergroove Studio in majestic Evergreen, Colorado, and includes no overdubs, with most tunes being captured in only one or two takes. Also highlighted on the session are masterful musicians John Grigsby on bass and Alejandro Castaño on drums. Released September 23rd, 2015.    




An intimate and introspective solo piano recording, Bodine puts his personal touch on a handful of familiar rock and pop covers from the late 20th-century, as well as a segued thirteen-minute original piece. Released June 27th, 2013.





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